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There are many different ways to write a Purchase and Sale Agreement.  Many Areas of negotiation. ie - Earnest Money, Closing Date, Title and Escrow, Inspections and more.  

I want you to have a chance to review a real contract I wrote in 2019.  This one is really clean as the buyer did a pre-inspection of the property and we knew what it would take to win.  T

The selling agent was amazing to work with and we put together an that we know would win.  

BTW -this wasn't the "Highest Price Offer"  my buyer actually purchased for $10,000 less than the competition.  What we had was a fully prepared buyer - a pre-inspection - and a good working relationship with the selling agent. 


Click on the PDF button and you can review this Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Here I have attached an example of a Listing Agreement.  This the new updated form from 1 Oct. 2019.  Please take a read.  But basically we are coming to an agreement to place your home on the market.  

Note: On this page, we don't discuss Listing price - but we do discuss our listing commission and offer of commission to the buyer agent.  

In addition to the listing Listing Agreement, there are a few other forms to be completed.

I Have attached them below - the Input Form, Property Disclosure Form and the FIRPTA

As always - if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me  - I am happy to help in anyway I can.  

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