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Step 1: Working together to find the Right House

There is Zillow, Trulia, and a million other places to look at pictures of homes. You can see all the statistics of the neighborhood, schools, restaurants in the area and so much more. Its all right there on your phone, tablets, and computer. So much can overload you.

But when it comes down to actually buying a home - that takes a team. The right agent to be in your corner and help put the pieces together. You and Me!

When I first work with a new buyer we come up with a game plan

1. Create a list of Need and Wants - beds, baths, garage etc.

2. Location? and alternate areas too

3. Budget? What is a reasonable amount for you and your household

Then we take these factors and begin the search. Using the MLS (or Homespotter) the list of needs and wants, the location and the budget we take a look at what homes are available that fit your criteria. Hopefully there are a number of homes to see on our first outing. If not - we tweak the criteria to find some properties.

Now we head out to view homes as a motivated buyer with a plan. The purpose of this first outing is not to find the perfect home the first time. Its purpose to get a feel of the homes that fit your criteria and budget. We need to look at a few homes and the locations.

Like what you see? Every now and then we find the right house on the first outing. But usually it takes 3 - 6 outings to find the right home

Need to change the location? Is your dream home $600,000 but your budget $400,000 - something has to change

Need to modify your list of needs and wants? Most people do. This is where reality hits the road.

Do you need to adjust your budget? This is the one that rarely changes. We need to find the best house and location within your budget

We go back to the MLS and do another search using the updated criteria. Back out to look at more properties. Rinse and repeat!

In my experience, the process of finding the right home takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 months. The goal is to educate you to the point where when you find the Right house you know its the Right house.

So let us start this home buying process together. Call, text or email and we can schedule an appointment together.

Tad Navle


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