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Step 14: Changing Utilities

By this time it is looking really good that we are going to close on schedule. Inspections, appraisal and repairs are completed. We are just waiting for the lender to finish up their work.

One of the areas buyers and sellers always forget and then panic is the changing the utilities. Here are my suggested guidelines:


Gas - Water - Power: With these services let them know that you are selling and moving. You might want to change the service to your new home. But PLEASE do not "cancel" your service. We want the buyer to have power on in the house when they move in. If you cancel the service they will usually shut the power and gas off.

Internet/Cable: You can schedule the disconnect if you choose as you may need to return the cable box and equipment to the service provider

Telephone: This can be done after closing

Garbage: This can be done after closing - that way they don't remove the cans and the new owners have them to use.

MoveEasy: Here is a new service that might be worth a try. And it is free too! Click here to be sent to the website

I would plan on doing this approx 5 days prior to closing. I will also be sending you an email 5 days after closing to double check to make sure the buyers transferred service into their name. Otherwise, you can be stuck with their power and gas bills and we don't want this.

Any Question? Give me a call @ 253-988-8252

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