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Step 16: Final Loan Approval and Closing

A few days before the closing date, the buyer should get the "Clear to Close" from their lender. The buyer will be issued a "CD" that allows them 3 days to review the closing paperwork. Once the 3 day review period has passed the lender can issue the loan documents and sends them to escrow.

At this point, Escrow will contact you to schedule your signing appointment.

Once a closing date, time and location have been scheduled by escrow, the buyer’s agent might schedule the final walk-through of the property. This usually takes place the day before closing and is a chance to make sure the property is still in the same condition it was during the inspection and that we have fixed any agreed-upon repairs.

Need a quick review as to what Escrow is doing? Click here to go to that page.

We are almost there!! Getting closer!! You can let the movers know that you will actually close and on what date.

Questions? Give me a call @ 253-988-8252

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