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Step 19: Hey! Where is my Money?

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Show me the MONEY!

This question comes up EVERY TIME!

When will my money be in my account?

This is a great question and some of it depends on what you told escrow you wanted.

Option 1: Did you want them to wire it into your account? Escrow will usually wire the funds to your account the next business day. It might take your bank 24 hours to deposit into your account

Option 2: Did want to pick-up a check? Then it is usually available by the next afternoon

Option 3: Did you use funds from the sale to purchase another home? Escrow will transfer the funds to the purchase account. Once that purchase is completed then option 1 or option will apply

If you have any questions please call me and I am happy to follow up with escrow.

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