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Top 10 Reasons to use Tad Sells Homes for your New Construction Purchase

Why use Tad Navle as your Buyer's Agent for all New Construction! 1. I know the Market - As a local Professional Broker, I live and work in this market. There are many homes to choose from - are you truly finding the best home for you! 2. I know the builders - Many new construction homes look similar. But how is the quality? Who has the best customer service after closing? 3. I know the special deals - Many developers advertise specials on homes to brokers. I keep track of these and can help you to get a good deal on a property. Many times this information never makes it to that nice agent in the model home. 4. I know the best upgrades - Planning on reselling in the future? Let me help you to make the right upgrade decisions for future resale. 5. I know the best lots - Not all great lots in a development have a lot premium. I am closing a new construction home with an Mt. Rainier view for no extra charge. BONUS! 6. I know the financing - Is the builder's lender offering you the best available loan? Let me help guide you to the best deal. Sometimes it is the builders' lender other times it will be your own lender who works for you. But I will encourage you to shop around and make a smart decision.

7. I know the builder next door - Yes buyers get very excited and the agent at the model home gets very excited - WOW this is fun! BUT what if the builder down the road has a very similar home for a much better price? I will encourage you to shop around for the best home for you. 8. I WORK for YOU! - That really nice agent at the model home - they work for the seller!. Are you going to get the best deal? What FREE upgrades did the other buyers get because their agent negotiated a better deal? 9. I am FREE to you! - As your buyers' agent I COST YOU NOTHING! FREE! The seller pays me. All you have to do is give me a call and register Tad Navle as your buyers agent the first time you visit a development. It is that simple. 10. I am here to help YOU!

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